Saturday, June 21, 2008

You Turn Your Back for a Second and Then What?

I realize I have not been keeping up with the blog. I know. Have gotten some private comments about it. I apologize. First, you should know that I have been watching everything from here. Every last thing. Reading before I go to bed (extremely late, mind you this is Buenos Aires where you have dinner at 11 pm), getting up a bit before my Spanish class to make sure I miss nothing. Really, I promise.

As for Willie, you know I always liked him. A Brooklyn boy, a good ball player, a good guy. But I totally get why he was given the axe. When things stink, the smell eventually leads to the top. And in my mind this is not limited to Willie... Omar and the Wilpons also need to take a hard look in the mirror. The last couple of weeks of public bullshit, the hemming and hawing, the soap opera like dramas that have enveloped the team certainly don't help. I don't now about you, but blood in the water doesn't bring me any day to day relief.

I will say this... I like what Manuel is doing. Sometimes tough love is needed. And with the benign neglect of the last regime, maybe the hands on approach is what we need.

Now that you've gotten my two cents on the most pressing issue in Mets baseball, I have to figure out how to talk about politics and my trip. Hmmm.. well, the President of Argentina recently proposed an increase in a tax on farmers. And boy, the farmers are pissed... so pissed that there was a massive protest (which I checked out). There was a concession, with the President agreeing to let the Congress debate the tax. But a la a situation we are all familiar with, a concession does not mean victory. It only means wait and see.

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Eric said...

I hope you weren't watching last night's game. Hope you are having a blast.